Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Boho multi colors recycled glass and ceramic pendant Necklace



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This circleis circlea circlegreat circlenatural circlestone circleand circlesparkly circlerecycled circleglass circlenecklace. circle circleBoho circleround circleshape circleand circlenatural circlefancy circleJasper circlestone circlebeads.I circlemade circlethe circlependant circleout circleof circleStoneware circleclay circleon circlea circlepotter's circlewheel. circleI circlehave circlefused circlestained circleglass circleinto circlethe circleclay circlein circlethe circlesecond circleof circletwo circlefirings.The circleStoneware circleClay circlependant circlemeasure circlejust circleunder circle2 circle1/2 circleinches circleor circle6cm circleroundThe circlenecklace circlemeasures circle16 circleinches.Thanks circlefor circlelooking circleand circleBuying circlehandmade. circleThis circleitem circlewill circlebe circleshipped circlefirst circleclass circlemail circlevia circlethe circleUSPS circlewith circledelivery circleconfirmation; circlePriority circleMail circleand/or circleInsurance circleis circleavailable circleas circlean circleupgrade. circlePlease circlecontact circleme circlebefore circleyou circlepay circleand circleI circlewill circleemail circleyou circlean circleupdated circleinvoice. circleInternational circleorders circleship circlevia circleUSPS circleFirst-Class circleInternational.

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