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bead, Delicate Light Turquoise Stripes and Dots Glass Bead Dangle Earrings



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Light dangleturquoise dangleand dangleclear danglestripe dangleand dangledot dangle(one dangleof dangleeach!) danglelampwork dangleglass dangleearrings danglewith dangleCrystal dangledrop. dangle dangleLampwork danglemade danglein danglemy danglestudio dangleby danglehand. dangleWhite danglebase dangleand dangleturquoise danglestripes dangleon dangleone, dangleturquoise danglebase dangleand danglewhite dangledots dangleon danglethe dangleother dangleearring. dangleYou danglewill dangleget danglecompliments dangleon danglethis dangleunique dangledesign. dangleSterling danglesilver dangle danglefindings. dangleSterling danglesilver dangleear danglewires. dangleDrop dangleis dangleapproximately dangle1 dangle3/4 dangleinches. dangleBeads danglemeasure dangleapproximately dangle1/2 dangleinches danglewide.

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