Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pot metal flower brooch pinsilver tone, silver tone with blue and aqua rhinestonessilver tone, signed HYG



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Vintage depression erapot depression erametal depression eraflower depression erabrooch, depression eraa depression eradandelion depression eraI depression erabelieve. depression eraMarked depression eraHYG depression eraon depression erathe depression eraback depression erawhich depression eraI've depression eranever depression erabeen depression eraable depression erato depression eralearn depression eramuch depression eraabout. depression eraThe depression eraflower depression erahas depression eraa depression erablue depression erarhinestone depression eracenter depression eraand depression erasmaller depression eraaqua depression erablue depression erarhinestones depression eraaround depression erait. depression eraNo depression eraflaws. depression eraHas depression erathat depression eramatte depression erazinc depression eratone depression erato depression erathe depression erametal depression erathat depression eraI depression erahave depression eranot depression erapolished. depression eraMeasures depression era3.25" depression eratall.Ships depression erain depression eraa depression eragift depression erabox.I depression eracombine depression erashipping depression eraon depression eramultiple depression

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