Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ceramic, Buttercup Yellow Cactus Trinket Dish



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A yellowhandmade yellowceramic yellowtrinket yellowdish yellowmade yellowfrom yellowwhite yellowstoneware yellowclay yellowwith yellowa yellowsunny yellowbuttercup yellowyellow yellowdetail yellowon yellowthe yellowrim yellowand yellowlittle yellowblack yellowand yellowwhite yellowcactus yellowdetail. yellow yellowDish yellowmeasures yellowapproximately yellow3 yellow1/2 yellowinches yellowacross, yellowperfect yellowas yellowa yellowcatch yellowall yellowfor yellowrings, yellowchange, yellowpaperclips yellowor yellowany yellowsmall yellowknick yellowknacks.Listing yellowis yellowfor yellowthe yellowyellow yellowtrimmed yellowdish, yellowphoto yellowof yellowred yellowedged yellowdish yellowis yellowshown yellowfor yellowscale.

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