Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage black and white striped bead strand necklaceska necklace, tribal heishi style long strand



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Vintage tribal stylebead tribal stylestrand tribal styleheishi tribal stylestyle tribal stylenecklace, tribal stylefeels tribal stylelike tribal styleplastic tribal stylebut tribal stylehas tribal stylea tribal stylelittle tribal styleweight tribal styleto tribal styleit tribal styleand tribal stylealmost tribal stylea tribal styleglass tribal stylelook. tribal styleExcellent tribal stylecondition, tribal styleno tribal styleflaws. tribal styleQuite tribal stylelovely tribal styleand tribal stylewell tribal stylemade. tribal styleMeasures tribal style29.5" tribal stylelong.Ships tribal stylein tribal stylea tribal stylegift tribal stylebox.I tribal stylecombine tribal styleshipping tribal styleon tribal stylemultiple tribal

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