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sterling cuff, Forged Sterling Silver Feather Cuff with Turquoise Stone



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Forged sterling braceletsterling sterling braceletsilver sterling braceletboho sterling braceletcuff sterling braceletwith sterling braceleta sterling braceletdouble sterling braceletfeather, sterling braceletasymetrical. sterling braceletIn sterling braceletthe sterling braceletcenter sterling braceletis sterling braceletan sterling braceletoval sterling braceletshaped sterling braceletturquoise sterling braceletstone. sterling braceletThe sterling braceletsterling sterling bracelethas sterling braceletbeen sterling braceletgiven sterling braceletan sterling braceletoxidized sterling braceletpatina sterling braceletand sterling braceletthen sterling braceletbrushed sterling braceletback sterling braceletto sterling bracelethighlight sterling braceletthe sterling bracelethammer sterling braceletmarks.Fits sterling braceleta sterling braceletsmall sterling braceletto sterling braceletmedium sterling braceletwrist.

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