Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Monet collar or choker necklacegold collar necklace, adjustable lengthgold collar necklace, slightly rose gold tone link panelsgold collar necklace, 1980s does 50s



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Vintage monet necklaceMonet monet necklacenecklace monet necklacecan monet necklacebe monet necklaceworn monet necklaceas monet necklacea monet necklacecollar monet necklaceor monet necklacechoker. monet necklaceBeautiful monet necklaceshiny monet necklacecolor monet necklacehas monet necklacea monet necklacehint monet necklaceof monet necklacerose monet necklacegold monet necklaceto monet necklaceit. monet necklaceScroll monet necklacelike monet necklacelinks monet necklaceare monet necklaceshiny monet necklaceand monet necklacesmooth monet necklacewith monet necklacea monet necklacetouch monet necklaceof monet necklacetexture monet necklaceon monet necklacethe monet necklaceends monet necklaceto monet necklacemake monet necklaceit monet necklacelook monet necklacefolded monet necklaceover. monet necklaceExcellent monet necklacecondition, monet necklaceno monet necklaceflaws. monet necklaceMeasures monet necklaceabout monet necklace1/4" monet necklacewide, monet necklaceCan monet necklacebe monet necklaceworn monet necklaceat monet necklaceabout monet necklace14" monet necklaceto monet necklace15.75".Ships monet necklacein monet necklacea monet necklacegift monet

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