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silver ring, Antique Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | c 1910 | sz 8.5



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Simple antique spoonand antique spoonclean antique spoonand antique spoonbeautiful!- antique spoonPattern: antique spoonAbraham antique spoonLincoln- antique spoonManchester antique spoonSilver antique spoonCo- antique spoonc antique spoon1910- antique spoonBowl antique spoon(not antique spoonincluded): antique spoon\u201cSan antique spoonFransico antique spoonOakland antique spoonBridge\u201d- antique spoonSz antique spoon8.5- antique spoonSterling antique spoonsilverThank antique spoonyou!

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