Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage orange confetti lucite collar necklaceconfetti lucite, 50s 60s thermoset plastic chokerconfetti lucite, gold glitter & sea shells



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Vintage sea shellsconfetti sea shellslucite sea shellsnecklace sea shellsin sea shellsa sea shellsbright sea shellsorange sea shellswith sea shellstiny sea shellsshells sea shellsmixed sea shellsin sea shellswith sea shellsthe sea shellsglitter. sea shellsGreat sea shellscondition. sea shellsThe sea shellsonly sea shellsminor sea shellsflaw sea shellsis sea shellsthe sea shellsplain sea shellschain sea shellstoward sea shellsthe sea shellsback sea shellsis sea shellsmore sea shellsgold sea shellstone sea shellsthan sea shellsthe sea shellssetting sea shellsthe sea shellslucite sea shellscabs sea shellssit sea shellsin. sea shellsThe sea shellsnecklace sea shellshas sea shellsa sea shellsdangle sea shellsat sea shellsthe sea shellsback sea shellsthat sea shellsis sea shellsusually sea shellsassociated sea shellswith sea shellsLisner sea shellsbut sea shellsthere sea shellsare sea shellsno sea shellsmarkings sea shellson sea shellsthe sea shellsnecklace. sea shellsEach sea shellslucite sea shellspiece sea shellsis sea shells1" sea shellswide sea shellsand sea shellsthe sea shellsnecklace sea shellscan sea shellsbe sea shellsworn sea shellsup sea shellsto sea shells16.5".Ships sea shellsin sea shellsa sea shellsgift sea

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