Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Hobe flower brooch pinhobe brooch, signed red faceted glasshobe brooch, prong sethobe brooch, painted leaves



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Beautifully painted leavesdetailed painted leavesvintage painted leavesHobe painted leavesbrooch painted leaveswith painted leavesred painted leavesglass painted leavestones painted leavesand painted leavespainted painted leavesdetails. painted leavesExcellent painted leavescondition, painted leavesno painted leavesflaws. painted leavesGlass painted leavessits painted leavesfirmly painted leavesin painted leavesprongs, painted leavesthe painted leavesgold painted leavesis painted leavesshiny. painted leavesJust painted leavesunder painted leaves2.75" painted leaveslong painted leavesand painted leavesup painted leavesto painted leaves1.5" painted leaveswide.Ships painted leavesin painted leavesa painted leavesgift painted

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