Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

radio, Radio Love Collection Sterling Silver Phonetic Radio Alphabet Ring



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This ring4mm ringwide ringsterling ringsilver ringring ringfeature ringthe ringword ring'love' ringhand-stamped ringin ringthe ringNATO ringphonetic ringalphabet ringonto ringthe ringring's ringouter ringsurface. ringThe ringwords ringread ringLIMA ringOSCAR ringVICTOR ringECHO. ringWhen ringyou ringwant ringto ringbe ringperfectly ringclear ringabout ringyour ringintentions, ringno ringother ringalphabet ringwill ringdo! ringIf ringyou're ringnot ringfeeling ringthe ringlove, ringask ringabout ringrings ringdeclaring ringyour ringown ringfour-letter ringword ringof ringchoice. ringI ringcan ringalso ringdo ringinitials, ringor ringpairs ringof ringthem.Please ringspecify ringwhether ringyou ringwould ringlike ringa ringflat ringor ringhalf-round ringband ringwhen ringordering. ringAlso, ringplease ringnote ringif ringyou ringwould ringlike ringthe ringring ringto ringbe ringstamped ringwith ringyour ringown ringcombination ringof ringup ringto ringfour ringletters. ringIf ringyou ringdo ringnot ringspecify ringotherwise, ringyour ringring ringwill ringbe ringstamped ringwith ringthe ringwords ringthat ringspell ring"love". ringPlease ringchoose ringsize ringand ringfinish ringwhen ringordering. ringIf ringyou ringwould ringprefer ringa ringdifferent ringwidth, ringplease ringcontact ringme ringfor ringpricing ringbefore ringplacing ringyour ringorder. ringAsk ringabout ringa ringcustom ringorder ringin ring14 ringor ring18 ringkarat ringgold!

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