Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Pale Pink Stripe and Dot Handmade Glass Bead Earrings with Crystal Dangle and Sterling



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Pale glasspink glassstripe glassand glassdot glass(one glassof glasseach!) glasslampwork glassglass glassearrings. glassLampwork glassmade glassin glassmy glassstudio glassby glasshand. glassPink glasscrystal glassdrop. glassYou glasswill glassget glasscompliments glasson glassthis glassunique glassdesign.Sterling glasssilver glassand glassglass glassbead glassfindings. glassSterling glasssilver glassear glasswires. glassDrop glassis glassapproximately glass1 glass5/8 glassinches. glassBeads glassmeasure glassapproximately glass1/2 glassinches glasswide.

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