Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Genuine Turquoise and Silver Jewelry Connector and Claspjewelry component, Decorative Hook and Eyejewelry component, Artist-made Designer Bracelet Supply Link Component



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This decorative claspturquoise decorative claspstone decorative claspset decorative claspin decorative clasphandcrafted decorative claspand decorative claspsilver decorative clasphook decorative claspand decorative claspclasp decorative claspsetting decorative claspis decorative claspthe decorative claspperfect decorative claspcomplement decorative claspto decorative claspyour decorative claspunique decorative claspjewelry decorative claspdesigns. decorative claspUse decorative claspwith decorative claspthe decorative claspincluded decorative clasphook, decorative claspuse decorative claspyour decorative claspown decorative claspclasp, decorative claspor decorative claspuse decorative claspit decorative claspas decorative claspa decorative clasplink decorative claspin decorative claspyour decorative claspdesign.Details:\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\ud83e\udd8b decorative claspFull decorative claspclasp decorative claspwith decorative clasphook decorative claspmeasures decorative clasp36mm decorative claspend decorative claspto decorative claspend.\ud83e\udd8b decorative claspDecorative decorative clasplink decorative claspmeasures decorative clasp19mm decorative claspx decorative clasp25mm decorative claspx decorative clasp7mm decorative claspthick.\ud83e\udd8b decorative claspHand-fabricated decorative claspsterling decorative claspsilver decorative claspsetting.\ud83e\udd8b decorative claspThe decorative claspeye decorative claspof decorative claspthe decorative clasphook decorative claspis decorative claspsoldered decorative claspclosed decorative claspso decorative claspyour decorative claspstringing decorative claspmaterial decorative claspwill decorative claspnot decorative claspslip decorative claspout.Message decorative claspme decorative claspfor decorative claspcustom decorative claspclasps decorative claspfor decorative claspyour decorative claspdesigns.----Each decorative claspclasp decorative claspis decorative clasphand-fabricated decorative claspfrom decorative claspsterling decorative claspsilver decorative claspsheet decorative claspand decorative claspwire decorative claspinto decorative claspunique decorative claspdesigns decorative claspthat decorative claspwill decorative claspgive decorative claspyour decorative clasppieces decorative claspa decorative claspnice decorative claspfinished decorative clasptouch. decorative claspPerfect decorative claspfor decorative claspthe decorative claspjewelry decorative claspmaker decorative claspwho decorative claspwants decorative claspan decorative clasp"all decorative clasphandmade" decorative claspend decorative claspproduct, decorative claspand decorative claspdoesn't decorative claspwant decorative claspto decorative clasprely decorative claspon decorative claspmass decorative claspproduced, decorative claspimported decorative claspfindings.These decorative claspclasps decorative claspare decorative claspa decorative claspnice decorative claspsize decorative claspand decorative claspcan decorative claspalso decorative claspbe decorative claspused decorative claspas decorative claspa decorative claspfocal decorative clasppiece decorative claspin decorative claspyour decorative claspjewelry decorative claspcreations.

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