Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rainbow Glass Dichroic Galaxy Pendantwire wrap pendant, Glitter Storm Woven Wire Wrapped Necklacewire wrap pendant, Vintage Bronze Wrapwire wrap pendant, Rainbow Sparkle Jewelry



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"Glitter universe necklaceStorm" universe necklaceFeatures universe necklacea universe necklacedichroic universe necklaceglass universe necklacefocal universe necklaceby universe necklaceMazet universe necklaceStudios universe necklacewrapped universe necklaceand universe necklacewoven universe necklacein universe necklacevintage universe necklacebronze universe necklacecolored universe necklacecopper universe necklacewire universe necklace(Parawire universe necklacebrand), universe necklacewith universe necklaceobsidian universe necklaceand universe necklaceglass universe necklacecrystal universe necklaceaccents. universe necklace universe necklace universe necklaceComes universe necklacewith universe necklacean universe necklace18 universe necklaceor universe necklace24 universe necklaceinch universe necklacebrass universe necklacechain.

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