Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Sapphire Solitaire



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14k ringyellow ringgold ring1.5 ringmm ringsquare ringband, ringfeaturing ringone ring5 ringmm ringround ringgreen ringsapphire.\rPlease ringrequest ringyour ringsize ringin ringthe ringnotes ringwhen ringyou ringorder, ringall ringrings ringare ringmade ringto ringorder ringand ringship ring4 ringweeks ringfrom ringpurchase ringdate ringunless ringspecial ringarrangements ringare ringmade. ringPlease ringconvo ringfor ringother ringgemstone ringoptions, ringtoo ringmany ringto ringname. ringPictured ringwith ring'the ringminimalist' ringstacking ringbands, ringsold ringseparately.\rWe ringuse ring100% ringrecycled ringgold!

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