Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

initial, Initial Here Essential Stamped Brass Monogram Necklace



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Have namepeople nameguess nameyour namename name("Well, nameit namestarts namewith namea nameC...") namewith namethis namecute namebrass nameinitial namenecklace. nameChoose nameyour nameinitial nameto namebe namestamped nameonto namea namesmall name(nickel namesized) nameor namelarge name(half-dollar namesized) namebrass namedisc. nameAll namependants namecome nameon namea name16" nameor name18" namegold-filled namechain.Brass namewill namedevelop namea namenatural namepatina nameover nametime. nameIt namecan namebe namecleaned nameand namepolished namewith nameany namecommercial namebrass namepolish nameif nameyou nameprefer nameto namekeep nameyour namependant nameshiny.

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