Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Unikite Cubes and Hearts



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These gold1/2 goldinch goldunikite goldcubes goldwith goldbeautiful goldgold goldplated, goldfancy goldbead goldcaps goldare goldinterspersed goldin golda goldplated goldcurb goldchain. gold\r\rHanging goldfrom goldthe goldcenter goldbead goldare goldthree goldshort goldchains goldwith goldtiny goldgold goldpuffed goldhearts. goldThis goldwhole goldbottom goldcube goldand golddangles goldis goldonly gold1 gold3/4 goldinches goldlong.\r\rThis goldnecklace goldis gold18 goldinches goldlong goldand goldis goldfinished goldwith golda goldlobster goldclaw goldclasp.

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